"Finding The Secret Ceres was a miracle! I’ve struggled with chronic eczema, acne and yeast infections for years. I’ve tried countless methods to get leverage over my flare-ups, but nothing’s been as immediately effective as this product. After just two weeks of topical & internal use, I saw improvements in my complexion, and haven’t had any yeast/candida symptoms. My yoni feels nourished and rejuvenated in a way that’s boosted my confidence and body-connection. I think every woman should benefit from the ancient wisdom of The Secret Ceres. It is a powerful holistic tool that I will cherish forever."

Tess B.

"Since receiving my Secret Ceres I've noticed a huge improvement in the overall health of my vagina. Ranging from firmness, pH balance, sent, libido, and dryness. I'm so blown away from the results in such a short amount of time. I can't wait to see the long term benefits to come. I highly recommend this product to every female as part of their self care regime! I can't thank you enough for sharing this wand that is nothing short of magic with me!!"

Lilavani McDonald

"The Secret Ceres should be a part of every woman’s daily care. When I used it I was reminded what it is to be sensual and feminine. In the midst of many hormonal changes, it’s great to feel balanced and with a strong libido!"

Denise Y

"I’ve been using The Secret Ceres for the past month and it has made a huge impact on balancing out my skin!! I have oily skin and small bumps on my forehead and it has made a huge difference in clearing it up and keeping my oils maintained. I definitely recommend it!"

Jade N.

"The Secret Ceres is a miracle! I was in search of a solution to vaginal dryness and itchiness. I am a breast cancer survivor and hormonal disruption is very common. My quality of life was affected. Thankfully, I have an understanding partner and now, The Secret Ceres. The product is all natural and easy to use. I felt confident trying it. With the first use I felt less discomfort and encouraged. Now, having been using The Secret Ceres for six weeks, as instructed, I am back to normal (intimate) activity. Not a thought of the discomfort that previously compromised my well-being. This is a product for women of all ages and lifestyles. I highly recommend it."

Lesli C. M.A. Certified Herbalist, Organic Farmer and Business Owner

"When using The Secret Ceres for the first time I was shocked how much dead skin came out of my vagina and the strong tightening effect also amazed me. The effect it had on my body made me curious, so I began researching and understood that we have a mucous skin in the vagina that is prone to harbor bacteria and fungus and that using The Secret Ceres makes my intimate flora pH balanced. 

I have now been using it for over 10 years and I have never experienced any issues with infections, irritations or menopausal symptoms during this entire time."

Daniela A., 50, Germany

"The Secret Ceres wand has been magical in my skin care journey. I have been able to use it as a gentle facial scrub, as well as a mask, both overnight and during the day. Personally, I put a thin layer over my face and let it dry and sit as long as I would like. After each time I rinse with warm water and pat dry, my face feels much more smooth and there is a tightening effect. I am somebody who typically has oily skin and struggles to keep my pores clear, and I can say the wand definitely helped absorb my oils as well as kept my pores clean. Not only that, but I feel that the wand is responsible for helping the overall glow of my skin, and I’ve noticed dark spots are minimized. I highly recommend this product!!"

Calista Reyes

"I am so grateful I was introduced to this remarkable product; it has been a staple in my womb and vaginal nurturing. I remember the first time I used it and was amazed at how it sheds the dead cells of the inner lining of the vagina and leaves a moist, succulent and nourished vaginal gateway. It has inspired a ritual adornment of my womb and a time to simply tap into my body, my emotions and femininity. The wand is made from raw materials found only in some of the most remote and pristine places on this planet. It is divine. Thank you, The Secret Ceres, for this incredible creation and for healing and inspiring the full bloom of wombs around the world."

Sarah Wes

"I'm very intentional about everything I put into my body, and I believe that your body knows what it needs. When I started using The Secret Ceres, I bore witness to a rejuvenation of my most secret woman space. After the birth of my first son I felt that the The Secret Ceres helped heal, rejuvenate and tighten faster than I expected. I absolutely love that it is carefully sourced with organic ingredients and constructed according to Ayurvedic principles. I use it on my skin and even used it on my son’s forehead to clear his baby acne. The Secret Ceres has become an essential part of my self-care routine."


When I heard about the Secret Ceres, I was curious to know how it works. It sounded like a magic stick that would heal all women's issues. At the same time, I wasn't sure about it and even a bit skeptical. As many woman I've had issues with pH balance and got tired of using different medications, so I decided to give The Secret Ceres a shot. It's very easy to use and you can see result right away. The next day I felt tightening in my vagina and the odor disappeared. I'm excited to keep using it and see what other magical results I will get.


Client Story

This is the account of a woman in her thirties from New York from 2009.

She had e-mailed us wanting to know if there was any record of The Secret Ceres in regard to fibroids. At that time, we had very few accounts of women with fibroids who had used The Secret Ceres. She decided to try it regardless. Her fibroid was the size of a grapefruit and visible from the outside. Her belly was protruding like that of a pregnant woman and she could not close her pants any longer. She started off by using The Secret Ceres 2 times per week while diluting it and drinking it every day at the same time.​

Her husband and her were married for just a year and made every effort to avoid surgery as it was their greatest wish to have a child. Her doctors had advised her to do a Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), since they considered it impossible for her to conceive and have children with her condition (fibroid blocking the entrance of the uterus preventing any sperm from entering), besides the risk that the fibroid could burst due to its big size. According to today’s statistics modern medicine performs about 600,000 Hysterectomies per year in the US alone and up to 300,000 as a treatment for uterine fibroids. Treating symptoms by cutting them out/off is a common practice in cultures where medicine has been practiced for less than 500 years: “You have a problem?... Sure, we can help you! How about we just cut it off/out. In eastern cultures where medicine has been practiced for over 2000 years, the root of the condition is tackled - never solely the symptom.

​After approximately 4-6 weeks of using The Secret Ceres the fibroid tumor had shrunk to the size of an apple but was still visible from the outside of her stomach. She had introduced the product to another friend with fibroids (multiple fibroids but smaller than her own) who also inserted it twice a week and drank it daily. Her friend reported a pinching sensation in her stomach after she began using The Secret Ceres and felt that it was a sign that it was working on her. That was all good news and reason enough to be optimistic, but it was important to get the opinion of a medical practitioner at this point.

She scheduled another doctor‘s appointment a few weeks from then (at the time of the doctor‘s appointment she had been using The Secret Ceres regularly for 2-3 months). At the doctors she was presented with a kind of news that no one had expected. Not only did her doctor confirm that her fibroid had shrunk by approximately 50% he also told her that she was pregnant!!! According to her doctors she was previously told that it would be impossible for her to conceive. They advised her that it would be a high-risk pregnancy due to the fibroid, but she decided to take that risk and continued to use The Secret Ceres during her pregnancy. Her fibroid continued to shrink, and she delivered a healthy baby boy in 2010. We hope this can serve as an encouragement for other women that suffer from fibroids.