Ingredients Section



Each Secret Ceres wand is individually handmade in accordance with an ancient traditional recipe with ingredients from one of the most remote and pristine places on the planet.

The raw materials are sourced from a fertile and biodynamic environment in the Asian archipelago where they complete a natural growth cycle and ripening process. They are processed at temperatures which do not exceed that of the heat provided by the sun, so they retain their bioenergetic and molecular structure.

The three-month manufacturing process incorporates ancient indigenous wisdom and pure and potent ingredients.

Secret Ceres’ is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified warehouse and its natural ingredients tested in state-of-the-art Analytical Laboratories in Germany. This ensures compliance with international safety regulations and quality standards.

Secret Ceres contains selected minerals, herbal extracts and wild growing botanicals that work synergistically. The ingredients in Secret Ceres have the following properties:

Anti-fungal | Anti-bacterial | Anti-aging | Anti-viral | Anti-inflammatory | Detoxifying | Immune-Enhancing | Adaptogenic | High in Antioxidants