I'm Emma Vanier, a French Canadian now living in Southern California. I am delighted that our paths have crossed as I am a firm believer that there is divine order to the events in our lives.

From an early age, I was drawn to the healing wonders of nature and utilizing natural alternatives to take care of my body. This led to a deeper understanding of the connection between my body, my soul, my mind and how the environment connects to every part of me. Understanding that true change begins from the inside, I made it my mission to work with others as a fitness trainer and wellness coach. Through my work I realized that we are all searching, consciously or subconsciously, to be in alignment with our higher selves.

After moving from Canada, to city-living in New York City and now Southern California, I made the intention to immerse myself in nature. It started with small changes and now I intentionally carve out time to be in nature and nurture myself with holistic practices. Simple things like appreciating the ocean after my morning jog, doing a meditation at sunrise or simply gazing out at the huge oak trees in front of my kitchen window. I like to start my day with Turmeric tonic and warm water. I take time reading ingredient labels and choosing products that I know will nourish me. These are the ways I choose to connect deeper.

Last year was the most transformational time of my life. I became pregnant with my first child and gave birth to my precious son. This personal journey from pregnancy to giving life turned a spotlight on the magnificent potential that women hold in their bodies. The womb is the most dynamic and sensitive ecosystem on the planet and requires consistency, nurturing and love to sustain life and humanity. Our power and potential are boundless, eternal - when cared for.

Experiencing childbirth firsthand was a reminder of how precious life truly is, how vital it is that as women we turn to natural ways of self-care, to honor our wombs, to have sacred spaces to discuss and explore ourselves and most of all - to love ourselves unconditionally. 

Thus, AWAKE YOUR INNER BODY emerged. Our inner body is our connection to the deepest part of ourselves. It is our intuition. It is that space we hold in our hearts for compassion and for nurturing. It is our subtle body energy and connection to Spirit. It is who we truly are - beyond the labels of society, the pressure we put on ourselves and beyond the ego. When our inner body is awakened, we unlock the divine power within. 

I’ve come to find that one of the most effective ways we awaken our inner bodies is by transforming the small things in our lives with intention.

By finding opportunities to practice self-care, infuse life with meaningful rituals, healing ourselves with natural medicine and sharing sacred space with other women, our body and mind become accustomed to habits of self-love.

My hope is that AWAKE YOUR INNER BODY be a part of the journey you take to discover and connect to your true essence.