Ritual & Womb Wisdom

Ritual & Womb Wisdom

The Importance of Ritual

Our future is not shaped by big decisions or events, but by our daily habits.

This is why rituals are deeply important and require your full presence and attention.

There’s an intention, energy, and commitment behind them.

Uniting Ritual with our most sacred space is not only important but necessary.

And by sacred space, we mean your Yoni, Womb, and center of creation and power

Ritual and The Yoni Energy

The Yoni is one of the most misconceived parts of the female body.

It is subjected to much controversy from pleasure, pain, ailments, shame, desire, and repulsion.

The Yoni unequivocally is capable of the most incredible and complex processes that humanity can do.

According to David Yemming, Yoni Worship traditions date back to 1000 BCE in Indic religions and other ancient cultures.

Yet, the Orthodox Western Culture has embellished the sacred Yoni with shame and taboo, leaving us feeling lost or empty with powerful energy and no way to channel it.

We think it's time we flip the script and take back the honor it is to be gifted with the Yoni Spirit.

Celebrating the Yoni

With this ancient tradition in mind, Awake Your inner Body invites everyone with a Yoni to honor themselves through ritual.

It's not enough to celebrate yourself once in a while, it's time to make it a HABIT!

That is where our Sacred Wand comes in.

Each application of the Sacred Wand is a beautiful self-care ritual that aims to nurture and honor your unique feminine center.

Find a comfortable space in a relaxing atmosphere by lighting some incense or candles.

Set a clear intention that you want to see manifest via the infinite potentiality of your womb and the creative force of your Sacral Chakra.

Use this time to connect to your divine feminine and embrace the womb wisdom that has been gifted to you

Your body is sacred and deserves to be treated as such.

Be sure to always make time to honor this gift.

Don’t have a sacred Wand yet? Head here to give your Yoni the gift of Ritual.

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Written by: Autumn R. Paramore 9/6/2022


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