Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual

This is the time to take an honest look at what has been hiding in the darkness and to release what holds us back from aligning with our higher selves. Enter a space of power and clarity by harnessing the healing power of sacred moonlight with our full moon ritual.

For this ritual, please gather a notebook and a pen.

Prepare to meditate. A beautiful mild sonic Solfeggio frequency is great for background music or simply meditate in complete and total silence.

Lie on your back, place your hands gently on your womb and simply breathe. Get comfortable here and focus on connecting to the rhythm of your breath allowing yourself to fall into the space just before sleep.

After 15-30 minutes, slowly bring yourself back into your body, becoming aware of the environment around you.

Take some time to reflect on that which is no longer serving your highest self. When you think of the various areas of your life whether it’s work, family, relationships, friendships or health, pay attention to any tensing of the body. Pay attention to what makes you feel out of alignment to the energy you just experienced in meditation.

Once you have allowed time for this energetic scan, write down what came up for you. Write down all things you are releasing on this full moon. Write it down with sincerity and intention.

After you have written everything down, take the paper to a flame and burn the paper under the full moon. Gaze up at the moon and know in your heart that the fire is taking all that was written up and away into the nothingness from which it came.

Take a bath to cleanse away what you have released. Infuse the water with your favorite essential oils or flower petals.

Allow the warm bathwater to swarm around your thighs, over your womb and around your body. Soak in the essence of surrender and rejuvenation. Know that to bring in the new, we must first cleanse and release the old.


Say Aloud …

I release the thoughts that no longer serve me  in connecting to my highest self. I call in abundance for the new lunar cycle ahead. 
I honor the divine connection between my body and the moon.
I am now cleansing my spirit from all that doesn’t serve my greatest good.
I welcome the light of love to fill in the darkness.
I allow the sacred light of the moon to heal and restore my soul.
I release my past, welcome the present and accept the future with gratitude.