Fertility/Pregnancy Ritual Sacred Womb

Womb Ritual

A woman is a creative force. From the space that brings human life into the world, she also creates her life. Her womb, aligned with the sacral charka known as the chakra of creativity and sexuality, manifests her desires.

Take this time to connect with your womb, your seat of creation.

Plant a seed of intention into that most powerful space of creation.

Find a comfortable place to lie down. Next to this place, create an altar filled with a few objects that are special to you: some that represent what you’d like to manifest, others that bring you delight when you see them. Maybe bring together your favorite crystal, your favorite flowers, your favorite piece of jewelry next to your intention written on a piece of paper.

Lie down and make yourself comfortable. Gently place your hands on your womb, the area just beneath your navel.

Breathe in and out slowly, with attention.

Think back to those experiences that you have created in your life, those desires that you manifested.

Can you remember the time before it was real and when the thought first came to mind that you wanted to manifest this for yourself?

Think back to how you mixed this thought with desire. The simple desire to make this real for you.

Now bring your left hand to your heart and keep your right hand on your womb.

The heart is connected to your heart chakra, or Anahata, the center of love of compassion.

Check in with your heart. Is your desire aligned with compassion for yourself? Is it a loving decision for your life, for you?

Infuse your intention with love by imagining a sparkling lavender light moving down towards your womb in a spiral. Let the light fill your womb and imagine your intention coming to life.

Say Aloud …

I am a creative force.
I have the power to manifest.
I bring life and love into my world.